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landscaping services

We at Ken McLachlan Landscapes pride ourselves on high quality professional service from the start to the completion of each and every job, including:

  1. Prompt and reliable response to enquiries
  2. Helpful Advice
  3. Prompt return on all Quotations
  4. We always try to provide regular contact update, providing you as the client with detailed and informed progress information throughout the job
  5. Ongoing garden maintence by qualified people to keep your job looking as good as when it was competed



Concreting: In all concreting areas we use F82 Reo for reinforcement. For all beneath paving is minimum of 80mm thick concrete. But, in all exposed and finished concrete is laid 100mm thick. All concrete areas are laid on a minimum of 50mm crush rock

Paving on Mortar: All pavers are layed on minimum base of 20mm of mortar, which is a ratio of 4:1. All pavers layer have their backs painted with either paste of tile grout or slurry of cement and water, with this application in sures that it is near impossible to pull up. All paving on mortar must be layed on a concrete base. All pavers are layed with 5 mm gap and Grouted with either a minimum ratio of 3:1 or colored flexible grout inserted with a grouting gun.

Paving on Sand: All paving areas on sand is on a 20mm base, which is compacted, and screeded out to right heights. Which the header course (edge paver) on a 20mm bed of mortar, which is a ratio of 4:1. Paving will either get sand swept in the pavers gaps or a dry sand and cement 3:1 ratio to gaps. Once swept in area swept off then compacted with a vibrating plate to imbed pavers into sand to insure that there is movement.

Fencing: All fencing post must be dug at a depth of 700mm minimum. This insures that there is no movement, which some company only digs to depth of 300mm to 400mm. Posts are inserted in either concrete or compacted with cement and soil, which helps with soil moisture.

Decking: All decking have minimum of 700mm in depth. Post are minimum of 100mm by 100mm threaded pine stumps. All bearers are 100mm by 100mm threaded pine. All joists are minimum of 90mm by 45mm threaded pine. Using threaded pine materials as a base insures that there is no rotting. The decking timber is layed with either galvanized decking nails or with stainless steel screws.

Brickwork: All brick wall are on a base of a minimum of 600mm in depth (changes which the size of wall). With Y20 trench mesh in all concrete foundations. Bricks are layed on mortar, which is a 10mm mortar bed with ratio of 4:1. All walls have a damp course and any walls that retain soil or anything that can have moisture is painted with bit man paint to seal the wall to insure no rising damp.

For a more complete list of service inclusions, click on the following link: landscaping service inclusions